About Us

Halton Joinery specialises in precision joinery for both commercial and residential projects.

 Everything from large scale government/corporate projects and fit outs for housing developments to home kitchens, laundries and other residential joinery.

Halton Joinery is a family owned and operated business situated in the Huntingfield Industrial estate, in Hobart, Tasmania.

Halton Joinery has operated as a business since 1999 and was established by David Halton who has more than 43 years of experience in joinery. Son, Adam Halton, who is a qualified tradesman with more than 17 years experience is co-owner of Halton Joinery.

With a strong team consisting of accredited tradesmen and apprentices who are employed to craft work varying from residential kitchen renovations to large commercial jobs.

Judy Halton, wife of David Halton and Emma Halton, wife of Adam Halton are in charge of administration for the business.

Think of Halton Joinery first when you want assurance of the high quality that flows from pride in workmanship, and long experience in all types of commercial and residential joinery.